Brooklyn Ghost Project

The Brooklyn Ghost Project Presents

The S.O.O.L. Program

The personal journey you have embarked upon is difficult, but you should know that you are never alone in this struggle. Brooklyn Ghost Project understands the challenges you face, the emotions you are feeling, and the doubts you’ve heard from others. Please apply for our TGNC mentorship in New York City and start getting answers to the questions you’ve been asking your entire life. The Saving Our Own Lives (S.O.O.L.) program is helping disadvantaged youth in their journey through transition.
We develop transgender resources that help you survive and thrive. Our mentorship curriculum is focused on transgender and gender-nonconforming POC living in Brooklyn and throughout the five boroughs of New York City. The program is structured to support the individual through personal, emotional, educational, financial, and transitional growth.

Sharing Stories of Personal Struggle

Come together with others on the same path you travel, and share your stories with people who want to see you succeed. You should never be forced to face this journey alone. Our program provides you with an opportunity to celebrate your identity without fear of judgment. When you can share your story with others, you transform your journey into an asset for people like you.

Developing Tools for Survival

Learn about the seminars, training programs, and other transgender resources we are developing to serve Brooklyn and beyond. We hope to serve more than 500 black and brown members of the TGNC community here in Brooklyn, with plans to expand to other boroughs.

A series of events, rallies, and press conferences are planned to share our community goals. Everyone at our organization is eager to share our objectives, opportunities, and goals with others in need of tools to guide them through this incredible journey of self-identity. Reach out to us today to learn more about our plans.

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