Brooklyn Ghost Project


There’s always something fun, positive, and informational going on at the Brooklyn Ghost Project! At every event, we aim to serve approximately 100 individuals; however, most of our events see more than 150 participants. Throughout the calendar year, our programs, events, and initiatives reach and benefit more than 500 people across our city.

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Saving Our Own Lives

Holiday Events

Come together with your chosen family to celebrate the holidays. Our Thanksgiving buffet-style meal is a particularly popular and uplifting occasion!

Summer Social Events

Every summer, we come up with entertaining and engaging events for our participants. These activities are a great way to have fun, meet new people, and get to know some incredible individuals that understand your struggles.

Informational Panels

Information is powerful, but it can also be hard to find. We make it easy for our participants to access the information they need about common issues faced by the transitioning community, including topics of mental health. These informational panels are led by relevant professionals and make a real difference in the lives of transgender and non-binary people across New York.